Donating means both support and influence. When you make a one-time donation you allow us to do the current job. When you make recurring donations you allow us to plan the future.

We use a Donorobox widget to make the process friendly. You can easily switch between one-time or monthly payment (by default it's one-time, but monthly is more preferable); you can choose the currency (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB) and set the amount by picking one of the suggested or by typing it manually (there are some hints of how this or that amount can help). All the money transfers will be processed via Stripe. It is highly protected and the most used for card internet payments.

        Just play with sliders.


Monero (fully anonymous / полностью анонимно):

What about Patreon?

It's 8% extra fees. And they don't provide widgets for you site, like Donorbox does. In fact I have an account there but Donorbox is much more preferable.

Why not PayPal?

Unfortunately PayPal refused to provide the services (haven't even tried to work with us). Perhaps because I'm from Russia. Hope it'll change one day.

What if I decided to cancel or edit a recurring payment?

Disclaimer. site will never collect your personal data or any data at all. We don't even use cookies! Nor we have anything to do with your payment data.

Having said that let's get back to the question. There are several ways to control recurring payments.

1) Via site. The donor account is created automatically for recurring donations. Account setup info will be emailed to you. You can log in to edit your recurring donation any time.

2) Via your bank (via a call or online). Find AllAboutU recipient to make the changes.